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Car Air Freshener

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Product Information

All natural -based material for removal odor, this wooden air freshener has long lasting fragrance for pleasant and fresh. Minimalist geometric design for you to drive in style


Product Highlight 

* Effectively removes the odor of the new car, and purifies the air in the car
*Suitable for air conditioning air outlets of various types of cars 
*Simple and convenient to install 
*Long last fragrance that is safe during pregnancy 

Product Description 

Material: ABS + aluminum
Color available: Black/Silver
Size: 73*29 mm
Packing: Box packing/customized 
Customized: Logo printing/Packaging 
OEM/ODM : acceptable


Wooden Air FreshenerWooden Air FreshenerWooden Air FreshenerWooden Air Freshener

Car freshener

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