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In Car Storage Bag

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Product Information

Multi-function storage net is washable and reusable! The strong magic tape and premium quality mesh can hold large capacity without falling off. Suitable for car trunk or back seat with fluff surface!


Product Highlight

* Multi-functional mesh bag, storage trunk, fixed and easy to roll items.
* Made of high quality nylon material, the deformation is not deformed. 
* Using super-sealed edging, strong adsorption, and durable mesh pocket. 
* It can hold a lot of debris and can store a lot. 
* Using strong sticker, strong adhesion does not leave. 


Product Description

Material: high elastic double-layer mesh; Nylon
Color available: Black 
Size: 60*25cm
Packing: Bag or box  packing/customized 
Customized: Logo/printing/Packaging 
OEM/ODM : acceptable

Velcro Net Storage BagVelcro Net Storage BagVelcro Net Storage BagVelcro Net Storage BagVelcro Net Storage Bag

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