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Product Information

The perfect car cleaning kits packs!!! 
No damage to your vehicles: the auto cleaning tool are made fine material to be soft, sturdy and durable, that will not damage your precious cars. Microfiber material will not leave link or fragment after cleaning


Product Highlight

* Multi-functional usages for automobile and vehicle cleaning
* Extra strong and durable to use long time
* Good color fastness, keep fresh after times washing
* Machine washable up to 60 degree & requires no or little chemical cleaner


Product Description

Set includes:  
1) One-sided chenille gloves 
2) 9L folding bucket 
3) microfiber towels 30*40cm 
4)1*Single lap tire brush 27*7cm 
5) 1* Yellow sponge 22*11*6cm
Packing: Bag or box  packing/customized 
Customized: Logo/printing/Packaging 
OEM/ODM : acceptable


Car Cleaning KitCar Cleaning Kit

Car Cleaning

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